Discipline which covers the organisation, planning, motivation and control of resources with the aim of achieving the objectives proposed by the client. We guarantee each project’s success within the limits established by the time, quality and budget.

An occupancy permit is an administrative document which certifies that a residential building meets the minimum habitability standards established by current legislation.

The energy certificate incorporates the energy features of the residential building to more accurately evaluate and grade all the elements comprising it.

Field of architecture and civil engineering which develops the distribution of uses and spaces, the utilization of materials and technologies, and the technical justification of compliance with the specifications required by the relevant technical regulations.

Technical control for the preventative and corrective legal maintenance of a series of elements which affect the safety of a building and the people who inhabit it. The safety conditions, stability and structural integrity of buildings are assessed.

Supervising a construction project from the point of view of its technical, aesthetic, urban planning and environmental aspects, conforming to the plans that define it, the building permit and all other required authorisations.

Professional and technical solutions which the company plans, develops and materializes in any initiative requiring knowledge and abilities in the fields of construction, engineering, architecture, industrial design, project management, etc. for the successful completion of the project.

Supervision and organisation of the health and safety issues involved in both the planning and execution phases of construction projects. The goal is to preserve the physical integrity of everyone involved and provide technical support for adapting construction practices to the safety requirements established by current legislation.

Exposition of facts and reflections conducted by a technical appraiser. Report on the constructive pathologies or tax value of a building, in which an assessment is conducted on the cost of this building’s repair.

We also support technical and construction professionals