About us

Arquilleida is a studio of architects and engineers who combine the recognized experienced of our Project Manager with the passion and innovative spirit of a growing team of young professionals.

We cater our projects to our clients’ final goals, directing the entire design and construction process from start to finish. We develop architectural, design and urban planning projects with clients who range from public administration to large private companies and individuals.


Project manager
Technical Architect
Industrial Technical Engineer
Technical Drawer
Technical Drawer
Technical Drawer
Marketing Agent


Arquilleida is a technical studio founded in 2008 that contains different disciplines. Through over 10 years of professional experience, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that have deepened our roots and knowledge, successfully accomplishing our goals.

From our very first job, we have striven to study every project, building and client in a unique and individual way. We have taken their needs and conditions into account and have committed ourselves to offering solutions to all the technical problems and questions our clients have posed to us in a fast, effective and economical way.

The members of our professional team come from multiple fields, enabling us to produce all kinds of projects, buildings and required technical documents. We direct and supervise all the processes of work. In this way, we offer the client a holistic management of the entire project, adapting ourselves to every need.

We lend our technical services to both individuals and companies in the construction, architectural and engineering sectors.